• JLI Advice for lifeThroughout this course, we delve into the profound wisdom and life-altering advice imparted by the Rebbe, addressing various aspects of life including health, work, family, fulfillment, and beyond.

    Whether you're able to attend just one class or all 6, I encourage you to give it a try. You won't regret it
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  • JewQ ChampionshipGet your kid ready for an incredible experience!

    The JewQ Torah Championship is here, bringing together Jewish kids nationwide, to dive into their heritage, play engaging games, win fantastic prizes, and strive to become JewQ champions.

    It's an opportunity you won't want to miss!

    Don't wait—sign up your child now and be part of this exciting journey to become a JewQ champion.

    To Sign up send an email to [email protected] with yours and your child's name
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  • LADIES CLASSESJoin together with fellow Jewish women for an inspiring Torah study class, warm camaraderie, hot tea, and delicious refreshments. Click here for classes & more info
  • Partner with us and sponsor a kiddushSponsor a Shabbos Day Kiddush in honour of someone's birthday, celebration or yartzeit Click here for details
Chabad of Whitefield & Bury south is dedicated to serving all Jews in the area with Ahavat Yisrael –unconditional love and concern for every Jew, regardless of background and affiliation.

We aim to help foster a deeper sense of pride and appreciation of our Jewish heritage; and to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people.
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Chabad Teen Network. The Chabad Global network for teens

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  • Are There Age Limits In Judaism?Can a person be disqualified from leadership based on age alone? Read More
  • Despite War, Our Kyiv Community Inaugurated a Stunning MikvahThe Jewish community on the "Left Bank" is relatively young and this is our first mikvah ever. Read More
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Every step along the way, keep one thing in mind: The same G‑d who runs the big, wide world, guiding the stars in the heavens along their steady path, the planets in their orbits, and the seasons in their cycle, is without a doubt the same G‑d who runs your little world, every detail of it. Your job is to manage the craft you've been placed within as best you can while He guides it on its journey through many galaxies. You also have to avoid getting in the way. How do you get in the way? By stubbornly grasping the controls...
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