We are delighted to extend a heartfelt invitation to our grand Menorah lighting and Chanukah events, where the flickering flames will not only illuminate the night but also serve as a dedication to a true hero, Sgt Binyamin Airley OBM, a precious IDF soldier.

In a gesture of remembrance and honor, the family of Sgt Binyamin will kindle the first light, bringing comfort not only to their hearts but also to the broader community. Join us as we gather to celebrate the festival of lights and pay tribute to a courageous soul who epitomized the spirit of heroism.

Details of the grand Menorah lighting and Chanukah events are provided below. Let us come together as a community to share in the warmth, embrace unity, and commemorate the enduring light.

May this Chanukah be a time of reflection, connection, and the shared glow of our collective strength.

Warm regards,

Rabbi Shmuli and Sora Jaffe

Chabad of Whitefield